In Earnest is fuelled by the dual songwriting of couple Sarah and Thomas in their bid to encourage open and honest conversation around mental health. Their storytelling is a personal dialogue from two perspectives; a call from one who feels too much and a response from the other who must plead for them to stay alive.


Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, In Earnest is made a trio by the inclusion of Toby, who enhances the pair’s songs with thoughtful decoration and numerous instruments. Forgoing prominent drums/percussion and favouring intelligent arrangements, the band experiment with how full-sounding their live set up can be.


Their forthcoming debut EP was devised by whittling 30+ song ideas down to just 6 tracks, in which they explore themes of hope vs hopelessness, desperation, loneliness and identity in their rawest form. With influences ranging from alt-rock to folk and black metal, In Earnest propel forward with their own brand of genre-bending indie.




Thomas Eatherton - electric guitar, vocals

Sarah Holburn - keys, synth, vocals

Toby Shaer - violin, acoustic guitar, stompbox, vocals

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